To be able to ski, means you have a way of transportation over snow-covered surfaces.  Skiing includes basic transport, used to get from point A to B, in daily lifestyle ventures.  Skiing can also be a recreational activity done for exercise, relaxing, or fun.  But, for some people, skiing is a sport.

There are different types of skiing and many types of skiing events to compete in.  Some forms of skiing take a lot of practice to be able to perform at sporting events.  Following are a few videos that explain and show what being a skier entail.

Explanatory Videos

“THE REALITY OF LEARNING FREESTYLE SKIING 2” on YouTube, will give some insights on what it takes to learn Freestyle Ski.  Watching the video will show how to join a coaching camp, also called a “stomp it camp”.

“Top 5 Aerial Flips in Olympic Freestyle Skiing / Top Moments” is a video also found on YouTube.  This video shows the top 5 Aerial Flips performed during the Freestyle Skiing events at the Olympic Winter Games.

“Ski Freestyle: The Coolest Tricks – YouTube” where you can watch experts perform the coolest tricks.  These skiing tricks are not be tried if you’re not a trained skier, or without a coach teaching you the basics.

“Best of Freeride and Freestyle Skiing Ever HD – YouTube”. Watch this video and be amazed by the aerial jumps, and other gravity-defying tricks that well-trained Freestyle Skiers can perform.

Freestyle Skiing takes a lot of practice, and beginners need a seasoned coach before they can even think of performing any of the jumps or flying tricks.

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